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Home Decor 101: How Can the Top Interior Designer at BB CASA Help Me Revitalize My Home?

Home is where the heart is. It’s the place we turn to for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. The space we live in can define the days and nights we share with those closest to us. From warm conversations around the fireplace to fun-filled dinners in an immaculate dining area, our home décor and interior design can impact every facet of our life.

While most of us have seen real estate reality shows, far fewer have taken the time to look for the best interior designer to help their home. Today, we want to spend some time discussing how the top interior designer at BB CASA can support your home décor makeover with professional services that aspire to inspire!

The home that we live in is under a constant state of flux. Every single day, we will change little things without realizing it. The longer we live in a space, the more that space conforms to how we treat it. With a professional interior decorator, we can take a longer look at how our space acclimates to our life by using professional tips and tricks to our benefit.

If you are looking for an interior decorator but are hesitant about the potential benefits, you've come to the right place to learn more. Here at BB CASA, it is our goal to make your home the unique and sacred place that it is meant to be. Let's look at a few different ways we can bring this subject to fruition within YOUR home!


  1. Find Your Style - From a modern interior design to bohemian interior design and transitional interior design, there are new trends constantly coming to the forefront of the design world. Here at BB CASA, we specialize in upscale bohemian and transitional interior design techniques. Transitional design, for example, mixes two different styles into one flowing home. Mix old and new for a look that feels as classic as it does modern. Transitional interiors are all of the rage, so contact our team at BB CASA to explore them for yourself!

  2. Curate Your Home Décor - Rather than waste your day at the big box store, let the BB CASA team scour the world for the home décor objects you need to create a personalized space that is unique to you and your family. We leave no stone unturned in our search for the home décor that your property needs to truly exceed your expectations.

    Here are a few areas that we specialize in concerning product.

    • Antique Consultation and Antique Procurement

    • Furniture Selection, Specification Services and Procurement

    • Procurement of Room Accessories

    • Plumbing Hardware selection

    • Art Consultation and Art Procurement

  3. Boost Your Home's Value - Did you know that staging and decorating your home with a professional can lead to a boost in your ROI? It's true! Whether you are selling your home or angling to rent it as an Air BNB property, an interior decorator and home design team can help you to get your product on the market and into the hands of your clients. Studies have extensively shown that professional staging services can help to shorten the wait between a home being listed and property getting sold. Don't believe us? Contact BB CASA to schedule a consultation and we can explore the research together.

  4. Enjoy a Professional Assessment - We trust a chef to cook us a meal in the same way that we can trust an interior designer to develop an action plan for our home's interior. Professional designers, like our founder Bergen Baucom, use their years of industry experience to create action plans that are grounded in reality, founded on your wants and needs, and directed toward providing top quality services. With a professional assessment performed by our BB CASA team, you will have not only the direction you need to succeed but also the guidance to get there!

BB CASA happily provides luxury home design services in the surrounding area. Contact BB CASA today to book a 60-minute design consultation online, today!

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