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Denver Interior Decorator

Home Interior Design Near Me: How Interior Decoration Services Can Change Your Living Space.

There are methods for building a better, more comfortable home. While HGTV may make it seem like decorating a space is easy, the process is actually fairly thorough. Tackling an interior design project can be overwhelming and exhausting just to think about, even in the best of situations. Fortunately, it can be easy to tackle your next home renovation and interior decoration projects with BB CASA!

Let's take a moment to see how the best Denver interior decorator can help clients build the homes of their dreams through rigorous design processes and an eye for detail!

Residential Design Services You Can Trust at BB CASA!


Home isn't just the place we live, it’s where we grow our lives with the ones that we love. The house that we live in can become a meaningful place for friends to gather, love to blossom, and life to unfold. As such, we believe everybody deserves to live in a space that is uniquely tailored to their life. 

BB CASA is proud to offer luxury residential design services as one of the best Denver interior decorators in the area. Founded by Bergen Baucom, a lifelong artist with an eye for color and a knack for creating rare and cohesive spaces. Bergen fell in love with designing and creating homes at a young age and always dreamed of it being a career. After spending more than a decade as a journalist and activist to end violence against women, Bergen returned to her lifelong love of art to pursue a career in interior design.  Under Bergen's direction, BB CASA endeavors to provide the interior decoration and home renovation services necessary to live well in a space that fits perfectly for each specific client.


With a focus on creating distinguished, rare, and personal homes, BB CASA can support all of your home decorating, designing, and renovation needs.

  1. A New Perspective - The closer we are to something, the harder it is to distinguish all of the most important little details. Hiring the best interior design near me can help you get a bird's eye view of a piece of property. With an unbiased perspective, BB CASA can provide insight and evaluations that you might not have considered. In doing so, we can support your efforts to create something that is uniquely yours and completely fresh.

  2. Coordinate From Top to Bottom - More than just an interior design team, we are proud to offer home renovation, consultation, and procurement services. From dealing with spatial planning and construction renovation to selecting plumbing, hardware, materials, and window treatments, our team of specialists will never be in over their heads. Bergen Baucom is uniquely qualified, having spent years honing her craft to provide each client with an extraordinary  experience.

  3. Only the Best Product Procurement - For individuals looking to flip or rent their property, it can be important to take some time to overhaul your property's design. Services like Air BNB are great for individuals looking to pocket extra cash, but to make the most out of your property, it’s important to offer a home that is not only inviting and beautiful, but also functional and appealing to masses. BB CASA can leap into action for the following procurement services:

    • Art

    • Antique

    • Furniture

    • Home Goods

    • Place Settings

  4. Ready Your Home For Sale - For the client who is looking to sell their newly-renovated home, we’re here to help you quickly sell your home for top dollar. Studies have consistently shown that homes with professional staging are far likelier to sell than those without. BB CASA can help clients quickly renovate and rejuvenate your home.

  5. Home is where life unfolds. And a freshly decorated or renovated home deserves to be celebrated in! BB CASA offers  In-Home Event Planning. Leave the party planning and execution to us. You don’t even have to “show up”-- you’ll already be there! From the best caterer to home staging and the tiniest details-- your in-home party will be the talk of the town!

Home is where life happens. Whether we are watching our children grow up or preparing to sell our starter home, let the team at BB CASA make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We are a fully-staffed team of professionals with a deep network of connections in the Denver area. In order to help you find the services that you need at a value price point, head to our website today to Book a Consultation at your earliest convenience.

Remember, home is where life happens and love flourishes. Call BB CASA to find out how we can help you to find joy within your own home's design process!

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