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Denver Interior Design

Create a Rare, Unique, and Personal Home With the Best Interior Designer Near Me at BB CASA!

Whether you’re looking to decorate your first home, a new apartment, a house-flip, or you’re ready to renovate, how you decorate and design a space makes a big impact on our quality of living. Our surroundings inform how we feel in our day to day life. Decorating a home and optimizing a space through renspacial planning, layout and optimization is an art that takes years upon years of practice to master. When quality work and a return on your investment are top priorities, turning to a professional is key.

BB CASA is a full-service Denver interior design company that aims to assist clients with interior décor, home flipping, and renovation needs. Founded by Bergen Baucom, in 2020, BB CASA is in a unique position to help you create a home that is rare, distinguished and personal.

Let's explore how our services can impact your home, personalize your space, or help you prepare your space to be sold.

Explore Home Renovation With the Top Denver Interior Designer at BB CASA!

For many, the word ‘interior design’ is often used interchangeably with ‘interior decorating,’ though the two services are fairly different. Decorating covers many different areas of the home, but it only touches upon the surface of what an interior designer can do.

An interior designer can embrace every aspect of a property to design a space that is at once complementary and unique, personalized to your needs. Qualified interior designers, Bergen at BB CASA, are able to work with their clients regarding lighting, trim, surface finishes, and even the actual decorations that fill out the room.


Rooms are so much more than walls and furniture. In fact, each space offers something unique and daring if only we know how to identify it. This is where BB CASA steps up to the plate. When it comes time to create something truly unique and sacred, our team can help to make your goals a reality.


Here are a few other key ways the top interior designer near me can help!

  1. Call Upon Industry Expertise - Interior design teams are just like any other specialized profession, they have a wealth of expertise and knowledge to draw upon. Working with BB CASA will allow clients to look at their space in a new way, assessing each aspect of the home with a professional eye. Bergen Baucom is not only educated but she often continually improves her skills, so take advantage of the knowledge she has to offer!

  2. Boost Your Home Flipping ROI - Interior design teams are vital for house flipping specialists and traditional property flippers alike. An interior designer can help property flippers to maximize their space for a quick sale. From selecting wall and window treatments to coordinating rooms with hand-picked decorations, BB CASA can support your house flipping goals.

  3. Enjoy a Cohesive Living Experience - Designers often have broader perspectives when it comes to putting together a property. Designers like Bergen Baucom will use her expertise to make both minor and major adjustments to a living space, thus creating a cohesive experience from beginning to ending. Along the way, BB CASA will ensure that we are delivering on all of the latest industry and environmental standards as well as design trends to create a modern, gorgeous, and fluid experience.

  4. Get A Consultation Today - The next step toward an amazing home or home renovation is a simple, no-pressure consultation. Book a consultation through the Contact Page on our BB CASA website. 


Hire the Top Interior Designer Near Me at BB CASA!


Here at BB CASA, we consider home to be a uniquely sacred place. We value our clients and do our best to provide each and every one with the top Denver interior design services around.

As a full-service interior design company located in Denver, we endeavor to provide our clients with the services that they need to live well. Bergen Baucom is a high end Denver interior designer, so you can feel confident trysting your project with BB CASA. Look to our services for assistance with spatial planning and renovations, as well as fine art, antique, and furniture procurement. Additionally, we offer a full shop brimming with the home décor items you need to enjoy your space, your way.

For clients looking to curate a home that is rare, distinguished, and personalized, now is the perfect time to contact our interior design company for a one-hour consultation!

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