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Home Preparation

Home Staging and Home Preparation: A Rental Property Designer Can Get the MOST Out of Your Space!

Spend the morning watching real estate reality programs and you'll quickly come to realize the value of a home staging professional. Home preparation and in-home event planning are two of the most important keys to success in real estate, property flipping, and even Air BNB rental success.

While home preparation and home staging services may seem unnecessary, the truth is that they can offer money and time-saving benefits that help you to live your best life. So whether you are looking for an Air BNB designer, assistance with your in-home event planning (yep, we do that!), or you simply want advice on what decor to add to your home, BB CASA can help!

Let's explore all the unique ways our home staging and in-home event planning services can help you to stage your home, sell your property, and have a good time while doing it!

Rental Property Designer Services: How Home Design Influences Success

According to a report published by the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sold nearly 90% faster than their un-staged alternatives in the same market. While this is anecdotal, to say the least, it remarks upon an important trend: buyers and renters want to live in a space that is immediately ready and professionally styled.

While it is possible to employ your own skills as a rental property designer, there are specific reasons to seek professional support. Much like a mechanic who specializes in what goes on beneath the hood of a car, an interior designer offers equally specialized skills for the purpose of rejuvenating a property.

Here at BB CASA, we believe that our home is a sacred space where we go to recharge and feel safe from the outside world. In order to enjoy this process at home or in support of a rental property, here are all the ways that our BB CASA design team can help!

  • Set Your Best Foot Forward - Whether we are hired as your Air BNB designer or your property flipping specialist, we help our clients to put their best foot forward in all aspects of design. More than just focused on furniture and artwork, our team can help with material, plumbing, wall and windows, art consultation, and even room coordination. Put plainly, we tackle every aspect of your home's interior design so that you can rest easy with the results!

  • Reduce Stress & Time Expenses - There is real value in purchasing 'peace of mind' and that is what we are here to offer. As one of the top rental property and home staging design teams in the region, we tackle every aspect of your home staging and event planning needs so that you can rest easy, sit back, and avoid stress the entire time. Our professionals are on top of the ball, focused on what comes next, and ready to help you push through each step of the way.

  • Craft an Emotional Appeal - Did you know that staging a rental property or home can help to create a connection with prospective clients? It's true! When a home is properly staged by a professional designer, it is easier for prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in the space. This means that we can help your clients to visualize themselves buying your home, thus breaking down one more potential hurdle that could have prevented a sale. A perfectly designed home can be the perfect antidote to a property that refuses to be sold.

  • Boost Your Business - As Americans around the country turn to Air BNB as a source of income, rental property services are growing increasingly important. When you look for a home or apartment to rent for vacation, don't you spend time examining pictures of the space? If rental properties are your business, then you should invest in every effort to help your unit get rented. Our interior design services for Air BNB units are based upon industry research, skills we've learned in the field, and the core idea that every home has a better renovation waiting to be unveiled to the world.

Professional staging and in-home event planning services are ideal for crafting properties that sell and Air BNB units that get reserved. In order to explore the world of interior home staging and preparation, fill out the contact form on our website! Here at BB CASA, we are ready to go over the options available to you during a one-hour consultation.

Whether you are renting out a property or looking to renovate your home for the market, BB CASA is here to help!

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