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As the name indicates, CASA is our house scent and Bergen's personal home scent. the CASA candle showcases the complexity of nature. Lavender, orange, and sage notes provide a fresh, earthy base, while oakmoss and amber add depth and warmth. A hint of tonka balances out this earthy scent by lending a mild sweetness. 


  • Made from 100% all-natural soy and all-natural cotton wick for a pure and robust burn.
  • Hand-poured into a gold, brutalist budvase, this is vessel you'll look forward to up-cycling. 
  • Our hang tags are made from seedpaper! Once the candle is finished, plant the tag!
  • Our small-batch candles are hand-poured by a woman owned business in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

CASA Candle 5 oz.

  • Candle Size: 5 oz. 

    Burn Time: 40 Hours

    Includes protective box.

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